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let it snow! ,let it snow!, let it snow! [28 Nov 2005|02:55pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I woke up at 11am today and looked out of my window and it was snowing! it's cold too... so I thought i'd come in early since I wanted to update this.

Bob came but the cable for the connection he left at home so he's taking his step-daughter Stephanie(my cousin) home to shropshire or something I can never spell that anyway he said she's down at the weekend, just gone until wednesday, so when he takes her home he'll have a day off so he's gonna come round if it's not too late when he gets in so it should be sometime this week. So I should have the internet at the end of the week :)

1 told the truth Rose red, I will make you tell the truth

New Friends [06 Oct 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

I've made some new friends today, Ladina(sp?) and claire who are in my english skills class.

I'm having someone from social services to come and look at my house again today 'cause the lady that came two weeks ago didn't check the bathroom proparley.

We were doing auxillary verbs today and main verbs which I found quite hard but George give me some worksheets to finnish at home.

Sophie's getting big, she's gone to mothercare with Emma and my dad today to get some new shoes 'cause the one's she has are giving her blisters on her feet. Emma has enterd her in for a compatition to be the new face of baby lanour, so I hope she get's it 'cause she is a good little girl and she's cute enough to win it.

I watched lost lastnight and locke and boon found a wierd tin thing in the mud and it went off as locke was going to open it.

I also watched Six Feet Under on Tuesday and Nate had a bit of sex with George's daughter and then he fell on the floor and wouldn't move so I hope he isn't dead.

I got some new mp3s on my mp3 player on sunday but it's taken off Hallelujah so I'm a bit pissed off about it 'cause Nic deleted it from her playlist, suppose I could get Jeff Buckley's album insted. I did get the new Kanye West and Jamie foxx song though :), so love Jamie Foxx!


Rose red, I will make you tell the truth

Making This Freinds Only [25 Feb 2005|11:23am]
[ mood | chipper ]

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Friends Only Comment To Be Added
Rose red, I will make you tell the truth

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